domingo, agosto 17, 2008

ICMC 2008

En un par de dias salgo para Belfast, Irlanda a presentar un projecto de interfaces bajo el titulo:
"Cuando Canto Bajan los Cerros: An Initiative for Interface Development Informed by a Latin-American Context."
El trabajo se presentara en la International Computer Music Conference 2008 (23 al 29 de Agosto).
Luego estare presentando en Manchester el 4 de Septiembre la ponencia:
Cultural Hybridization and Self-reliance at the Border. Art Autonomy under Social Crisis.
Using two important examples of overwhelming migration, Tijuana and Lima, we will discuss the generation of popular strategies in hybrid cultures produced under the notion of a transitory or 'in process' space. Migration in both of these cities has produced a cultural life that relies in a sense of ephemeral continuity and temporary reliance. The terms and conditions of internal negotiation are always about to be broken or reorganized, and the sense of belonging under suspicion. Both, members of theses societies and visitors, fight for a definition of an identity that is impossible to construct under a continuous state of crisis and social disintegration. Cultural product and specifically audio-visual output by the regional artists claiming to represents these cities, require a set of rules of engagement that blurs the possibilities for a self constructed identity.


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