martes, mayo 30, 2006

discos invisibles @ san diego

Queremos agradecer a Joe y Nick por su hospitalidad y tambien felicitarlos por su exposicion tan linda. La gente del cafe noir nos recibio muy bien y nos dio tanto gusto compartir una noche de ruiditos electronicos con ellos. Esperamos que nos inviten a presentarnos por alla muy pronto.

We would like to thank Joe and Nick for their hospitality and also to congratulate them for their beautiful art show. The people at cafe noir where great, they gave us a very warm welcome and it was a pleasure to share a night of our electronic sounds with them. We hope we can come again and play for them in the future.

Now you can see for yourselves what a beautiful place cafe noir is. Its a little black house constructed at the end of the 19th century, it even has a sign at the door that says its a San Diego Cultural landmark, and luckly so cause if it wasnt for that it probably whould have been torn down to make way for the tons of new trendy condos they are building in that area. Thats why my visuals where projected to the brick wall that is the side of one of the neighboring buildings, it looked very nice :)


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